Save the

Del Mar


Help stop the construction of a fence detrimental to the safety of the community

Increased Risk of Bluff Failure

A 1.4 mile metal fence with concrete foundations on unstable sandstone deteriorates the integrity of the bluff, increasing risk for passengers, crew, and beachgoers.

Prevents Fire Evacuation

Simulation models show that it would take less than 45 minutes for a wildfire to fully engulf our tree-lined streets and flammable wooden homes as it sweeps from brush-filled Crest Canyon, Torrey Pines Preserve and Anderson Canyon to the ocean during high Santa Ana wind conditions.

1.4 Mile Chain Link Fence

The fencing will require approximately 2,000 fence post holes spaced 7.5 ft apart. Each hole will be 2-3 feet deep and each filled with around 400 pounds of concrete. 

(800,000 lbs of concrete in total)